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Chili Cook-Off & Car Show
Sat. Oct. 4!


The Rodeo Chamber of Commerce Presents:

Rodeo: West County's
Best-Kept Secret

Today, the population of Rodeo has grown to over 11,000, but the small town atmosphere that characterized Rodeo around the turn of the century still exists today. Residents are fiercely proud of their historic waterfront community and are highly involved in community activities and civic affairs. Rodeo boasts 14 different local service clubs, recreation groups, homeowners associations and advisory committees. They all have one thing in common, a deep love for the town and a strong desire to see its tremendous potential realized.

If you are looking for a stable, safe and progressive community where long-time residents welcome new neighbors and businesses, come see what Rodeo has to offer!



Rodeo Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook-Off & Car Show
Saturday, October 4th, 2014
10:00am to 4:00pm

The Rodeo Chamber of Commerce invites everybody to come and spend the day with us at Lefty Gomez Ball Field, located at 470 Parker Avenue in Rodeo. People of all ages will enjoy the great Chili, Cars, Bicycles, Music, Vendors, a Kid Zone and Live Entertainment. We are also known for having 'the best Pancake Breakfast at a Car Show'. We expect about 2000 guests. There will be a Beer and Margarita Booth. If you think your Chili is good enough, enter the competition for a chance at up to $800.00. Come and check out all the beautiful cars, look for your favorite Vendors and don't forget to vote for your favorite Chilli.

Chili Tasting Tickets are $10.00

Non-Food Vendor Entry is $35.00
Food Vendor Entry is $200.00

Come out for a fun filled day with your family and friends.

Car Show Registration Form

Chili Cooker Registration Form

Food Vendor & Non-Food Vendor Registration Form



About the Rodeo Chamber of Commerce:

The purpose of the Rodeo Chamber of Commerce is to encourage and assist the development of business and commerce in the town of Rodeo.

It is our conviction that the relationship between the town and its businesses is a two-way street: healthy businesses bring vitality to the community, while a dynamic community fosters successful commercial opportunities.

By working together, the members of the Rodeo Chamber of Commerce will pursue the objectives if strength and vitality for both the town of Rodeo and for its businesses. Discover more here...


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